28th May


Drumboe Woods, today - ancient riverside deciduous woodland.


Wet and overcast.

Life can sometimes get tricky in this game. An unknown insect on a previously unseen plant. It looks like a Shield Bug on Sanicle. Bug about 1 cm. long.

This is the 14-spot ladybird. This is as close as it would let me approach without it scuttling over to the other side of the blade of grass. About 4 mm long. And as I' ve said before, if I see a nice hanging spider, then you will, too.


Not everybody's cup of tea because if its invasive nature, but you can't deny that the Rhododendron has some visual appeal.

Two trees in flower: Holly on the left and Horse Chestnut on the right. The rich scent of the Chestnut was almost overwhelming.

Holly trees are usually either male or female, and their flowers follow that pattern. The Holly flowers on the left are apperently hermaphrodites, showing characters of both sexes.

Finally, today a very clean Pertusaria lichen on Sycamore. About 12 cm. across. I'll need to monitor the number of pores in each wart to identify to species.

Not quite the last, but this is. Very windy, today, but these Swallows and Martins were swarming on the lee-side of some trees. Presumably their targeted insects were hiding from the wind.

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