3rd August


High de-forested area.


Dull and thundery.


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Some days I think I'm finding nothing, then I round a corner....

This is the larva of the Vapourer Moth on Alder. It's about 2 cm. long, but the hairs go all the way to the edges of the picture. The Vapourer is unusual, in that the female is flightless.



I showed this large (2 cm.) black and gold Blowfly about a month ago. Perhaps Mesembrina meridiana.


This is the seedhead of the Curled Dock.

The brightness of the red is quite stunning.


I hadn't noticed these tunnels on Rosebay Willowherb, before. They belong to one of the leaf mining moths.


This tiny (4mm) Cream-spot Ladybird was perched on the edge of an enormous Butterbur leaf.

Two fungi, just to demonstrate what damp weather we've had. Sulphur Tuft  - Lepista sordida - on the left, and a very pink toadstool on the right. Spore print under way.


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