4th August


High de-forested area.


Dull and thundery.


It transpires that yesterday's Vapourer Moth is the first confirmed record for the county.

Two cup fungi to start: a Peziza on the left and the Orange Peel Fungus on the right. Each is roughly 2cm across 


This Hartstongue Fern is most odd. It is lobed, rather than straight. A more normal leaf is shown on the left.

Two more fungi. Another Armillaria on the left, and the Red-Cracking Bolete on the right.


Two shots of the Sharp-flowered Rush. The flowers shown are about 3 mm across.


There are three common ichneumon wasps that look rather like this one. This one is the largest and has black antennae. It is very wary and doesn't like to be approached. About 3 cm. as shown. Perhaps Amblyteles armatorius.


This little rush is everywhere. It forms cushions up to about 20 cm. across. Bulbous Rush. Thanks, Carl.

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