15th August


Original Hedgerow. A mixed bag, today.


Dull but warm. 3 Peacocks.

The Helvella corium appears to show twice each year, about 3 months apart. This location is the only place it has been recorded in Ireland. Specimen shown about 2 cm. across.


These tiny (4mm) yellow caterpillars were wreaking havoc on the Alder. Many leaves were affected. The channels they cut in the leaves could almost be used as a stencil for reproducing script lichens. (See March 15th)

This Horse Fly (or Cleg) was on my car window. You can just see the impressive eye colouring. These are blood-sucking flies, and sadly appear to like my supply of O-positive. Maybe Tabanas bromius.



This Willow leaf had been tightly bound into a home for a caterpillar. Maybe a Sawfly of some kind.

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