1st July


Drumboe Woods.


Bright periods with sudden heavy rain showers.


Common Ragwort.

Not everybody's favourite flower, but the Cinnabar Moth couldn't live without it. 


I watched this Wasp for a minute or two. It caught and killed another insect (I think a hoverfly), then dismembered it and carried the spoils off to the nest. I've seen this behaviour before. The thorax is the usual body part taken away.

Another glimpse of yellow down beside the stream attracted my attention. Turns out this is the Monkeyflower - an escape that's naturalised around here.

Another of my favourite flowers, and a very tricky one to photograph.

The delightfully named Enchanter's Nightshade. Flowers about 5mm across.


The seedpod of the Broom is very thin and translucent at the moment.

I showed this specimen of Pertusaria on May 28th. It now appears that we have one pore per wart, so it's Pertusaria hymenea.

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