6th July


Original Hedgerow.


Bright periods with some torrential rain.


This is the seedhead of the Common Cat's-ear. It's quite obviously different from the similar-sized Dandelion seedhead in that it is a dirtier colour and is more 'jagged' in appearance. The Autumn Hawkbit seedhead will be ready, soon, so I'll show the difference in that one, too.


The grey 'fuzzy' bit on this Germander Speedwell shoot is a gall caused by the grubs of Jaapiella veronicae - a tiny fly. The leaves will fuse to make a safe haven for the tiny red larvae

I really like the buds of the Bird's-foot Trefoil. They're possibly the brightest red flower we have on the hedgerows. The second image shows the mature flowers.


This is (I think) the Conical Fragi-cap. Spore print under way.

Cap about 2 cm across.

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