7th July


Original Hedgerow.


Bright sunshine all day.

This is another shot of the Meadow Brown. It was so hot that all the butterflies (and bees, hoverflies, etc.) were very mobile, so shots had to be taken very quickly.

And this is the underside of the Ringlet - showing the circles which probably give rise to its name. Pity about the blade of grass.

Two shots of the Hedge Bindweed, showing the bracts half-covering the sepals. This also grows locally in the white version, but slightly smaller. Specimen shown is 70 mm. diameter.


The Square-Stalked St. John's Wort is much later than last year (was June 21st). The plants have been visibly in bud for about 3 weeks. They must like heat before they open.


Another of the great colour clashes. A Soldier Beetle (I can't tell which one since I can't see the head/leg colour) wandering over the Foxglove.

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