9th July


A new stretch of the river Deele.


Bright sunshine with some cloud.


The Yarrow is appearing on many verges, now. It varies from purest white through pink to purple.


This pretty plant is an ecological disaster. It is spreading visibly year on year - perhaps doubling in space annually. Something must be done on a national scale.

Himalayan Balsam.

I was looking specifically for places to photograph Kingfishers. It looks like some predator had similar ideas about location.

One flew quickly along the riverbank as I watched.

This fungus was about 12 cm. across the cap. It's the Weeping Widow.


This Alder Bracket fungus was amazing. It went right from the foot of the tree to as far as I could see. It also split at every branch junction and continued splitting as it went higher. Brown spores, I suspect.

Specimens of this hoverfly have been taunting me for about 2 weeks. For some reason, this specimen stopped long enough for a shot or two. Helophilus trivittatus.

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