10th July


Coniferous plantation.


Rain with some cloudy breaks.

Eyebright is divided into at least 20 microspecies. I call them Eyebright and purple Eyebright. Flowers about 5 mm. across.



This "Cuckoo Spit" is everywhere at the moment. Judging by the indiscriminate placing of the froth - which is home to the nymph of the Frog-Hopper - I suspect there is no nutritional benefit from the plants chosen. They're probably just a convenient 'hanging place'.


A very vibrant Red Clover, however.


Little moths like this one defy identification, but are very common on the verges around here. About 1 cm. long.


The Slender St. John's Wort continues to captivate me. I will persevere with taking photographs of it until I have the perfect one.

This one was stopped down to f8 in order to get the depth of focus.

Flower shown about 12 mm across.


I spotted the new Beech-mast at just about eye-level.


The Jointed Rush has just started to flower. It grows almost everywhere and frequently forms a border on path edges.

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