11th July


Drumboe Woods and local verge on return journey.


Dull with some rain.

This is the start of the fungus season, as you will see. This Boletus lanatus was growing under Beech, but there were Birch, Oak and Sycamore nearby. Cap about 8 cm. across.



This is the early stage of one of the Puffballs - Lycoperdon perlatum. The spikes break off later. Specimens about 1 cm. across at this stage.

Another of my hanging spiders. This Linyphia triangularis had just captured some tasty morsel. It is one of the 'sheet-web' spiders, and spends most of its life upside-down under its very dense, sheet-like web.

The tiny ( 8mm.) Sawfly on the right had a very bright yellow abdomen - you can just about make it out under the wings. I think it was looking carefully at the Stiletto fly on the left, which is probably just as well - the Stiletto fly is also a predator.

The leaf is Sycamore, with incipient Tar-spot fungus.


This Cornflower was a total shock. It is growing on a patch of verge about 200 metres from my house. This piece of verge was substantially disturbed earlier in the year while an old railway bridge was being removed and the road straightened. I'd like to think that the Cornflower seed had lain undisturbed for many years. We certainly don't have any cornfields locally.

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