12th July


Original Hedgerow.


Dry and bright.


The spores of the Male Fern have appeared and should ripen in a month or so.

I was taking this picture of the Honey-Bee on the Bramble when I spotted (oops!) the spots of rust on the buds. I've seen rust on the leaves before, but this is the first time I've seen it elsewhere on the plant.

Here's a much better picture of the Leucozona lucorum hoverfly. It's a very fast flyer and rarely settles for long.


Here's the Soft Rush. The flower head will spread more widely than this image shows.

On the left, the Drinker moth - a very large and bulky species, but given the size of the caterpillar I'm not too surprised. Another view of a red Soldier Beetle - Rhagonycha fulva - on the right.


While I was down taking the Drinker, I saw the Crested Dog's-Tail grass and the Oval Sedge.


Two fruit pictures. On the left, a Raspberry with green bug, and (Downy) Rose Hips on the left.

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