13th July


A hedgerow leading off to the east from the original hedgerow.


Cloudy, but bright.

Emboldened by yesterday's Male Fern identification, I decided to try my hand at a few others. Maybe not a wise choice. Male Fern on the left and Scaly Male Fern on the right.


Now the tricky one. This is the Lady Fern, top and underside.


Not too many problems with the Bracken.

This Lactarius deterrimus stained everything bright orange. Cap 12 cm across.


I've been trying to get a half-decent image of this Common Blue Damsel. This will nearly do.

The Greater Plantain often grows on paths and gets trodden on. This one on the left was in good condition. On the right, the Pale Persicaria - a lover of disturbed soil.


The second brood of Speckled Wood butterflies has been obvious for about 10 days. This one was slow enough for a quick snap. I had to follow it for about 3 minutes before I got this shot.

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