14th July


Interface between drained peat bog and coniferous plantation. Then original hedgerow later.


Cloudy, but bright, with occasional drizzle.

At first I thought this was a washed-out Sickener, then I noticed I was under Birch. I think it's possibly Russula betularum. Cap about 3 cm. across.



This was fairly obviously a Lactarius. Given location (under Pine) and the slowly developing reaction to the milk, I think it's the Rufous Milk Cap - Lactarius rufus. Cap about 4 cm. across.

    The Bilberry is now ripe, and rather tasty.

Back to the hedgerow for an evening walk. Two shots of the Great Willowherb. Flower about 2 cm across.


Now that I'm actually looking at ferns, I'm finding new ones each time I walk. This is the Soft Shield Fern.

And this appears to be the Broad Buckler.


Two more fruits. The seedcase of the Foxglove on the left, and the yellow form of the Raspberry on the right.


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