15th July


An access path through coniferous plantation.


Dull, with persistent drizzle.

This Blackening Waxcap appeared in precisely the same location as last year. About 2 cm.across the cap.

This is a rather pretty little mushroom - Coprinus plicatilis. Cap about 15 mm across.


The Square-stalked St. John's Wort always appears to photograph better on a dull day. Flowers about 12mm across.


The edge of the path is full of colour, now. Here we have Red Clover and Tufted Vetch, with Greater Bird's-foot Trefoil in the background.


Here's a little Bolbitius vitellinus left over from yesterday. Cap is about 15 mm tall. Spores rust brown, oval. Stem lemon yellow at the top.

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