17th July


Our highest local point, with another visit to the hedgerow ferns on the return.


Sunny, with some drizzle.

Two Heathers to start. Bell Heather on the left and Purple Heather on the right.


The Selfheal is a very common plant around here. The usual colour is shown on the left, but I found a bank of pink ones, as shown on the right, growing only a few metres from a 'normal' patch.


There were a good number of these galls on the underside of the leaves of one willow tree. Each one had the dark spot on the top. Maybe they've been parasitised in turn. Specimen about 12mm long.

The Ribwort plantain (left) has these purple fruit, now, and the Rose-bay Willowherb is colouring all of our landscapes purple.


Two 'creatures'. Another shot of the Ringlet on the left. It is very numerous, this year. And a bit of a surprise on the right, a pool full of large tadpoles. Small froglets were crawling everywhere, but there were many of these tadpoles still swimming around. Bizarre.


Back to the original Hedgerow for a quick fern photograph. I now realise that I must have been walking around with my eyes shut. This Common Polypody has been in my field of vision for 18 months and I only just noticed it. What else am I missing?

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