18th July


Drumboe Wood, in search of ferns and the Silver-Washed Fritillary.


Bright, with some drizzle.


A couple of specimens of this Wood Sage were growing at the base of a Beech Tree. Individual flowers about 8 mm tall.

This large (10 cm diameter) mushroom was growing on an old stump. Pluteus cervinus.


This Amanita rubescens (The Blusher) was growing on a bank of earth under Beech.

** This fungus is dangerously poisonous when eaten raw **


Last year I showed a broken down sample of Scleroderma citrinum - an earthball - from this spot, so I suspect this is an early view of that species.

This is a slightly later stage of the Lycoperdon perlatum from last week.


The Wild Angelica has opened at last. Now the insect pictures will start in earnest.


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