26th July


One or two upland paths - through woodland and heath areas.


Drizzle and inside cloud.

Two shots of spider's webs, showing the moisture in the air. Left from the top, over Bell Heather, and right from underneath on Gorse.


A green Capsid Bug on Cat's Ear. I notice that the Cat's Ear is now being replaced by Autumn Hawkbit.


This looks like a St. Mark's fly with red legs. Didn't know they lasted this long. Bibio pomonae does, apparently, and has red on the legs, so I'll go with that.


These are the fruits of a Rush - as yet unidentified.


The Sneezewort has arrived. It is closely related to Yarrow.

I watched this tiny spider catch and wrap a little moth for later consumption. About 8mm long, including legs.


The Yellow Bartsia is a very interesting plant. It is a relative newcomer and is spreading slowly across the country. This specimen was seen about 4km north of  where I recorded it last year. So I suspect that must be the rate of movement.


A definite sign of a warming environment.


I've seen quite a few of these second brood Green-veined Whites. It was damp enough to get this one to rest for a moment.

The Devil's-bit Scabious is in bud, now. It is very common around here in wetter, higher areas.

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