27th July


One or two upland paths - through high heath.


Dull but warm - ideal for Clegs, unfortunately.

The Hedge Parsley is usually the last of the Umbellifers that I see locally. Flower head about 6 cm across, as shown.


This appears to be a fungal rust on Alder. There were quite a few affected leaves.

Although, on magnifying and cropping the picture, I noticed a tiny silver larva of some kind in the centre of the affected area.

On the left is an image of a larva of some kind on the Horse-tail. There were many fallen flowers of the Scots Pine nearby. This just has to be mimicry - they're even the same size - around 15 mm.

Update: The larva had been parasitised and was dead when the picture was taken. The red colouring comes from the parasite, and is not the original colour of the larva. Thanks, Malcolm, for assistance with this.


There were dozens of these little (2cm.) mushrooms on moss at the edge of the path.


Lastly, for today, a shot of a Heath Spotted Orchid, with perhaps a touch of Northern Marsh Orchid in there, too.

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