28th July


Drumboe Woods, plus a verge on the return journey.


Bright, with occasional weak sunshine.


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Here's a much better picture of The Blusher - Amanita rubescens. Cap about 10 cm. across.

Two shots from the Angelica. A Solitary Bee (about 1 cm. long) on the left, and a Common Wasp on the right.


The Earthball is now much larger - about 6cm. across. The white material on the right is the very early sign of another fungus - perhaps the mycelium.



This spider is quite successful. It has the corpses of several Soldier Beetles tied up around the nest.

Two shots of a bright yellow Bolete. About 10cm across. Maybe Suillus grevillei.



The Wild Cherries are now ripening. Birds appear to be eating them already.

This very large mushroom - Lyophyllum decastes - covered areas of the grass verge. Spore print is white. About 15 cm. across.

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