29th July


Various hedges and verges around town.


Dull and drizzle.


News! I've added an RSS feed here: , so you can now keep track of interesting changes to the website as they happen.


I've also updated the narrative about the red larva from Tuesday.

Some Willows have a hard time. First, this leaf was galled, and then the leaf was eaten by some kind of caterpillar. At least the caterpillar was considerate enough to leave the gall intact.

And this Willow was ravaged by another caterpillar that clearly likes to eat only the undersurface of the leaf. Most leaves on the bush were like this.


The purple 'spike' to the left of the grass is a fungus - Ergot. Ergot infects grasses, including cultivated species like Barley, Oats and Wheat. Interestingly, it is deadly poisonous.

Two more insects from the Angelica. On the left another Ichneumon wasp, and on the right a very small (1cm.) hoverfly - Meliscaeva auricollis.


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