9th June


High deforestation.


Dry and warm, with very light showers.

I recently showed the sticky leaf rosette of the Common Butterwort - Pinguicula vulgaris. The flowers are in full bloom, now.


Common Spotted Orchids are now popping up everywhere. I notice that quite a few of the earlier flowers orientate themselves at strange angles. That must be counter-productive in terms of attracting pollinators.



Raspberry flowers have appeared, now. The fruit won't be too far behind.


The white-flowered specimens of Bush Vetch have spread since I first spotted them in 2003. They're now intermingled with the normal purple ones, so it's not an environmentally influenced colour change.

A nice Sawfly was perched on the Bramble. These are actually related to wasps, and not flies at all. Their larvae look just like caterpillars and can be seen in very numerous groups destroying leaves.

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