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The ouoing Green School Committee after being presented with Certificates. Dec 13th 2010
Green Flag 2 is raised Wedns. June 23rd, 2010,by Geoff Michael

April 2010 Update

Our Energy Action Week

5th class visited Listerlin Wind Farm [ Rahora] to see the latest wind turbines in action. 

4th class explore the Passage East Car Ferry as foot passengers.
  • We have been working really hard over the past two years towards attaining our 'energy' flag.
  • We have installed new double glazed windows and doors
  • Last summer we got a completely new heating system with energy efficient radiators and individual thermostats for each room.
  • As part of last 'summer works scheme', insulation was pumped into all our outside walls.
  • The children in Scoil Mhuire have been busy too, learning all about different types of energy but most of all how we can use it wisely; by doing this we are saving our planet and sparing our resources and money.
  • We have an 'OWL' system. The 'Owls' [off with light] make sure all lights are off when not needed and appliances are not left on stand by at lunch time and 3pm.
  • We make sure windows and doors are closed when heating is on.
  • 5th class monitor the collection of compost bins each Wednesday and Friday. These are emptied into the big bin. They also act as litter wardens at lunch times. 
  • We have learned what to re-use and recycle and to put things in the proper bins.
  • 4th class have designed thr 'ultimate energy saving houses!' See them in the shared area.
  • We have learned about renewable energy and care for our environment.
 March 09
  • The new Green School committee met before midterm and have made broad plans for raising awareness around the theme of energy including a Renewable Energy Awareness Workshop for 5th class on the 12th March and establishing links with Endesa at the Power station. Class representatives have taken on the role of OWL’s (Off With Lights!) in their classrooms.  
  • Mr.Cadogan has placed information boards around the school grounds to help the children be aware and learn about the more common Irish trees present. This is part of our being Environmentally Friendly ethos. 
  • Fourth class had a very enjoyable walk in Kennedy Park woodland identifying and learning about trees as part of National Tree Week. They also planted some trees. Wedns. March 4th

The very active and energetic Scoil Mhuire Green School Committee are photographed on April 28th 2010.They are about to discuss progress  on the various projects undertaken and make further plans.

The Green School Project in Scoil Mhuire is a whole school initiative.
 We  have a Green Committee made up of pupils and teachers who promote and organise different projects to help us become an environmentally friendly Green School. Mrs. Kavanagh and her sixth class are very active in this.   
 We have been recycling our waste in each class room for a number of years. There is a small green recycling bin in each class room. We put fruit waste and pencil toppings in this.   This is emptied in the large compost bin to be used later. Paper and batteries are also recycled and we also take part in a used Clothes collection programme.
A School Warden Team patrol the yard daily and collect any litter present. This work is ongoing.

Our three main areas of work are:
  • We have reduced the packaging in lunches as we never have crisp bags or other plastic wrappers like sweets due to our Healthy Eating Policy.
  • Pupils bring home any containers or waste in their lunch boxes.
  • Pupils compost at home and at school.
We reuse the following in our Visual Arts:
Newspapers, paper bags,magazines, Lino (for clay mats), fabric and wool, old t-shirts and lots more.
  • We recycle paper, card, batteries, ink cartridges, and old mobile phones.
  • We take part in the Ringo Project where we collect the plastic rings that hold drink cans.
  • We recycle materials in Visual Arts.


Green school update: April 8, 2008

The Green School Action Week was held from March 3rd -7th. The school was a hive of activity with each class involved in litter picking, tidying, weeding, sowing and recycling materials for Art/Craft activities. There were visits to a landfill and recycling centres and trips to JFK Park to construct a 'living igloo'. 
   The formal application has been reviewed and their recommendations are now being addressed. This we hope will lead to our
Green School Flag.
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