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Poetry and Story 

Corner   2010

Angelina McGrath, Rang 5, on the Reader's Chair is reading her poem, 'The Night Before Christmas. (below).

'Twas the night before Christmas,
I looked down below me,
And what did I see?
A small wooden table with biscuits and tea,
And something I'm not sure there should be.

A Mum and a Dad
In the dining room clad
In their nightclothes, eating and drinking.
When a noise on the roof
that sounds like a hoof
Scares them away... I'm left thinking.

Could it be Santa? Could it be him?
I cannot see..the room is too dim.
He comes down the chimney as Jana walks in
And on her small face there is spread a wide grin.

But she does not know that if you see him at all,
He takes back your presents and makes your face fall.
Wait! she is saved! She's top of the list!
She is the girl that Santa can't miss!
He hands her a parcel, enormous in size,
And flies up the chimney with twinkles in his eyes.

And that was the night brfore Christmas.
by the Christmas Angel, Angelina.




We’ve had the snow for a good while now

And I would just like to say,

That even though it’s fun and all

You see it every day.

It doesn’t get any different

Apart from a little more

Each day from morning to night

Now that doesn’t seem anymore.

But that is just the bad side

On the good side there are lots of things more

There are snowmen and snowangle’s, and everything

And maybe a snowball war.

But on the bad side

There is one main thing

You can get blocked indoors

And that means a very dangerous thing

You can starve for days or more


By James Dunphy


Ag súgradh sa sneachta le Belinda Ní Nualláin Rang 3
Snowbound by Orla Nolan Rang 5

Snowbound a story by Brian Stafford 2nd class

It was Christmas Eve in Oslo. Everybody was having a great time playing snowball fights and making snowmen. In the North Pole the elves were working hard making PSPs and Nintendos. Santa was checking his naughty or nice lists twice and his Christmas lists. Back in Oslo it was 10pm and all the children were going to bed and the adults were having a pint of beer. But the children couldn’t sleep so they sneaked downstairs and went out their doors because they had all secretly entered a snowboarding competition. The winner would get an Xbox 360 Kinect. Snowboarding was cancelled in Oslo so they played snow ball fights with torches to see everything. Jimmy made a sleigh out of snow.

At the North Pole it was not going so well. Last Christmas Santa parked his sleigh in the wrong spot and it had fallen into the water so he called “Sleighs 4 U” and bought a €300 multi-sleigh. Santa was up in the air. “First stop Greenland” he said and they flew down at 250 mph. But the speed limit was 200mph so he got a speeding ticket. “Ok first chimney 1 Esquire Street” says Santa. And they did the whole of Greenland and the entire world. When Santa reached Oslo Jimmy and Sam heard the bells and ran to bed and all the other children did as well. Santa delivered Sam’s first and then all of Norway. The next day Jimmy, Sam and all the children woke up and 3.30am and looked at their presents and played with them for five hours and then went outside to play more snowball fights and Jimmy made yet another sleigh.

The End


Snowbound by Niamh Byrne Rang 5
Monday morning came and the place was covered in snow,
And one of the good things about it was to school we couldn't go.
We went out in the garden to make a snowman,
And while we were out there we ran and ran.

We had to stay at home all week because the snow was very bad.
We didn't get to see our friends so we were kind of sad.
It was like being on holiday- we could sit and watch T.V.
Or we could play all day on our X-box or Nintendo Wii.

Then on Sunday evening we got a text to say:
'School will re-open on Monday as we have cleared the snow away.'



Snowbound by Kevin Roche Rang 5

One Saturday morning when we woke we were snowbound . My father had to get out and get some shovels and we all went out to help him shovel away the snow from the doors and the paths . Then we had to bring in the turf and coal and  sticks and make sure my granny was nice and warm inside . When we had all the work done we all had a great snow fight . It was great .We then went down to my aunt Kathleen and Josie came out to us and we all had another snow fight  and built a snowman in Kathleen’s garden and then we went over to aunt Josie’s garden and had another snow fight and made another snowman. Next we went back up to my house and we made a big snowman and granny gave us a scarf for him. We then had our dinners. We then played card games . We had some laugh after a good while we went to bed .

We couldn’t get to mass on Sunday as there was to much snow we couldn’t get our car out off the drive so when we had all our work done we had another snow fight and had good fun .

On Monday it snow like hell again and my dad and Mam had to go to help my uncle and aunt with there water tank up in their attic. There was water running down through the ceiling. My dad was up in the attic handing down  buckets of water so Mam and my aunt had to bring out buckets of water for about half an hour. Then they had to look for the water thing on the road and my uncle turned off the water and they had to fix the ballcock. At last everything was ok .We came up and had another snow fight



Snowbound by Ciara Molloy Rang 5

One Saturday morning (no school thank god) I got a load of clothes on. Why, you ask? Well the weatherman, Dallas Raines said that there would be snow! And lots. He also said that it would be Perfect (with a capital P) for making snowmen. This year I am going to make a snow family.

So as I was saying- One Saturday morning I got a load of clothes on. I was just about to run out the front door when suddenly… THUMP!! About a ton of snow fell on me. I’m serious! It was so loud that it woke everyone up, just because of that snow. Weird!

‘CIARA!!’ yelled mum ‘what in Gods name is going on down there?’ I answered ‘If I tell you you won’t believe me!’ So mum said, coming down the stairs, ‘ this better be g-‘ and stopped. Well I told her she wouldn’t believe me!

O my god I thought, looking at myself in the big mirror in the hall. I knew it was bad but not this bad!! I was freezing because the snow was up to my chin. So I got to drink “ cups of hot chocolate and I lay on  the couch watching Meet the Robinson’s. My sister Aoife started complaining about 6 things!

Anyway I should really be getting onto the real story so that means you have just wasted your time reading this. Sorry!!

             THE REAL STORY

One Saturday morning (no school thank god) I got a load of clothes on. Why, you ask? Well the weatherman, Dallas Raines said that there would be snow! And lots. So I went downstairs and……… NOOOOOOOO! We were snowed in! I ran upstairs to mum and dad’s room and told them. They said ‘ OH NO! WHAT WILL WE DO?’ and mum started crying. At least we had food!

We were Snowbound for many days. It was scary! At first we had lots of food but soon that “ lots” became smaller and smaller. After 6 or 7 days we only had half as much. But we had enough to do us for at least another week. Each day it snowed even more. Soon we had enough.

We were so hungry and the electricity was frozen so we couldn’t watch TV or any thing. Sorry about the tear marks but it makes me cry just thinking about it!

When the food ran out and all we had to eat was cereal, the snow began to thaw. Yay!! We got the shovel and to dump it in the shed. Mum said it was so the snow would melt in there, for some reason. Don’t ask me why!

                         THE NEXT DAY

The snow melted! For some reason there was sun. I was so excited and so was Aoife.

I think the snow has made me go mad because I actually wanted to go to school!

Well that’s my story and I hope you like it! J J


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Theme:(Téama) Hallowe'en 2010

Tá púca sa bhaile,
Is maith leis an púca an baile,
Tá an púca ag snámh sa linn snámh,
Is maith leis an púca an scoil.
Tá cara púca ag rith ar an tsráid,
Tá cailleach ag rith ar an tsráid,
le Jessica Ní Dhuinn, Rang 3.


On Hallowe'en night
I got such a fright
I was out collecting sweets
Getting lots of nice treats
When I knocked on a door
I nearly fell on the floor,
An old wrinkly lady
Maybe one hundred and eighty,
With a long thin nose,
And a wart I suppose
She had eyes coloured black
And a big fat cat.
In the corner of her room
I saw her magic broom.
I just knew she was a witch.
'Trick or treat', I said to her,
'Trick' was her reply,
'Close your eyes,' I said to her.
And then I said
by Belinda Nolan Rang 3 Oct.2010


Theme: Autumn

Autumn leaves falling down

Under the trees

The colours are beautiful

Usually we jump up and down!

My favourite is the scarecrow

Nature is fun! 

By Olivia Furlong,  Rang 4, Oct. 2009


Leaves: by Sarah Ronan Rang 3  Pyramid Poem


Red Leaves,

                                                  Orange and Red leaves,

                                         Brown, Orange and Red leaves,

                                  Green, Brown, Orange and Red Leaves,

                             Crispy Green, Brown, Orange and Red leaves,

                       Lots of Crispy Green, Brown, Orange and Red leaves,

      In autumn you can find Crispy Green, Brown, Orange and Red leaves.


Kennedy Park In all its autumn glory

 Autumn acrostic by Ellen Whelan Rang 5

Autumn can be lots of fun

Unless you only like the sun

Times of play on bales of hay

Usually leaves are brown or red

Most animals start going to bed

No season is the same as autumn.

My autumn poem by Denise Dunphy, Rang 5
The world in autumn is a wonderful place,
It adds some colour to the entire space,

When all the leaves turn red and brown
It's like each tree puts on its own special gown.

All the animals are gathering nuts and seeds
They're making their nests snug from the cold autumn breeze.

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