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2 - Olympic Handball - Basic Skills And Tactics

This course is suitable for teachers / coaches who already have some experience of coaching handball and who wish to learn more about the game.

The skills of the game are covered in more detail. Drills and practices for skill development are explained and demonstrated. Skills specific to particular player positions (eg Wing Players, Line Players etc) are also demonstrated.

Various tactical forms for attacking play are introduced. Attacking options at both individual and team level, including fast breaks, extended breaks and organised built-up attacks are explained.

Options for organised systems of defence are also outlined. These include man-to-man, 6-0 and 5-1 defence. Each of these defensive systems are demonstrated. Their usage and suitability against the various attacking styles adopted by opposing teams are also explained.

Each course participant will received free copies of Coaching manuals. Tea and coffee are also included in the price.

Cost per participant: 15.00

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