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The IWFPS would like to express our sincere gratitude to the members of the Irish Federation of Pike Angling Clubs, who raised over £300 for our society at their AGM. This much needed money will be used in our continuing efforts to restore the waterways of Ireland to their once proud state.

Phosphate Free Detergents

Environmentally aware visitors to the IWFPS Website may be interested to know that both ALDI and LIDL sell phosphate free washing machine powders - biological and non-biological. This is a major step forward for Ireland as the major chains seem to sell only brands containing 15-30% phosphates (anionic surfactants) which are causing major pollution problems to our rivers. We would urge all who read this to switch to the phosphate free brands and tell your friends!

The Aims of The Society
  • To make Irish People, Local Government and The Irish Government fully aware of the problems with water quality on the rivers and lakes within the Shannon region.

  • To highlight the deteriorating position in respect of pollution and enrichment of the waterways, and using all means at our disposal, make every effort to reverse the current trend.

  • To establish regular monitoring of the water at various locations and publish the results.

  • To monitor reports of pollution and publish the details.

  • To ensure that all remedial action to save our waterways is carried out.

  • To ensure that the rivers and lakes of Ireland, which have deteriorated in recent years, are returned to their former healthy and life-sustaining state.

Letter from Frank Fahey
Minister of the Marine and Natural Resources

Pollution Reports

Cooper's Comments
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