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Welcome to my Add-ons site for Chris Laurel's great 3D space simulator, Celestia. Here you will find a selection of Spacecraft models, xyz's, some Asteroid, Comet & Moon models, and a selection of ssc's also. I appreciate all feedback, and you can contact me on the Celestia forum, or by E-mail. If you're having any problems, visit the Help page. You can also see some of my best screenshots at my Celestia Gallery, generously hosted by Chris on shatters.net. You can check out the latest Space news on this page, with content supplied by Universe Today.
Enjoy your visit!
Jack Higgins

Latest site news:

24th February- Thirty THOUSAND hits! Once again- thanks everyone, it's YOU that made this happen!

19th February- ESA have very kindly provided me with xyz and ssc data for the upcoming Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. xyz is the predicted trajectory from launch until orbit insertion around 67P. ssc for 67P at time of encounter in mid-2014, and 46P/Wirtanen has also been provided. (46P's orbit is included only for historic reasons, as it was Rosetta's original target, when the launch was scheuled for 2003.) See bottom of the Solar/Planetary Spacecraft page.

19th February- SIRTF spacecraft renamed to "Spitzer Space Telescope" - it's name was changed ages ago, I just didn't get around to doing the same!

18th February- Well, shoulder's back to normal... Been incredibly busy with school though, so that's what's been keeping me from updating the site recently.

11th January-

  • Dislocated my shoulder while skiing in Italy, so using a keyboard with my left hand only has become rather challenging...

  • Skiing is really brilliant though- if you ever get a chance, GO!

  • Hits have gone WAY up sine Jan. 2nd - Probably because of public awareness of Stardust & Spirit (MER-A) missions!

  • Passed the 20,000 hits mark sometime on Jan 2nd or 3rd - Thanks everyone!

  • Some fantastic pictures coming back of Gusev crater, from Spirit - great to see after the disappointment of losing Beagle 2.

    3rd January- I'm off on Holidays for a week, and I won't be updating the site while I'm away... If you're wondering why i'm not on the forum or replying to my emails - that's why!

    2nd January- A (slightly) new look for 2004! The Spacecraft page was getting completely out of hand, so i've split it up into three different sections. I've updated the sidebar to reflect this change, renamed the Minor Moons, asteroids and comets page to "Small Body Models", and changed the pictures and style of the download links below on this page.

    13th December- FINALLY! The site has at last been upgraded to 50MB size, and so I've uploaded the Huge Galileo xyz trajectory. Get it at #19 on the spacecraft page!

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    There's a very large selection of downloads here, ranging from models of the Space Shuttle & dozens of interplanetary probes, to asteroid & comet 3d models, to binary asteroid ssc's!

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    Shoemaker-Levy 9 (D/1993 F2-A) Fragments

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