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The Lusitania funeral Cobh 1915

The Inquest into the Sinking of the Lusitania was held in the Courthouse on May the 10th.It was attended by, amongst others,the Coroner J.J. Horgan, the jury of 12 local fishermen and shopkeepers and Captain William Turner whose command of the ill-fated ship was severely criticised. It was claimed that all ships in the vicinity were aware of the threat of torpedoes and had received the message that:
"Between South Foreland and Folkestone keep within two miles of shore and pass between the two light vessels. Take Liverpool pilot at bar. Avoid headlands; pass harbours at full speed; steer mid-channel course. Submarines off Fastnet."
For whatever reason,Turner did not follow this direction. It was also discovered that the portholes of the ship had been left open at the time of impact and that this carelessness had caused the Lusitania to flood more quickly. It is widely believed that Captain Turner's hand in the matter was greatly exaggerated and that he may have been used as a scapegoat.

Some interesting sites: Also Read : "Lusitania" by Colin Simpson   widely believed to be the best researched work on the subject.
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