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The Earl Gerald the Rhymer rides his silver-shod steed around the lake every seven year; the great warriors sleep under the hill waiting for a brave person to draw the leader's sword; the Good Folk entice the unwary to enter through the Red Cellar cave to immortality; the giant sleeps on the hillside with his golden sword at his side; the supernatural bull guards the money-hole; Fer Fi's laugh can still be hard and it brings good luck; and didn't St Patrick confine a fierce serpent to the bottom of the lake where he awaits the Day of Judgement.

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Tales surround the Lough. Below is a brief extract about Gearoid Iarla. He was the enchanted son of one of the Earls of Desmond and Aine N'Chliar

Aine N'Chliar
Gearoid's Mother