Kilmalkedar Church

Kilmalkedar is a mid 12th century romanesque church situated near the tip of the Dingle peninsula overlooking Smerwick harbour. The church is similar to Cormac's chapel at Cashel built of dressed sandstone blocks. the church though has some native Irish features such as stone antae projecting at the end of the church. It is a nave and chancel church. The west doorway is a classic round arched romanesque doorway. The chancel is separted from the nave with a decorated entrance to the church and a surviving chancel arch. In the grounds of the graveyard surrounding the church at Kilmalkedar there are several other monuments, including a sundial and alphabet stone. The Saint's Road a medieval pilgrimage route to Mount Brandon passes by the church. Peter Harbison suggests that the presence of a Romanesque church is due to the pilgrimage route to Mount Brandon which passes the church as on the route of the camino to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, use of Romanesque architecture was popular.


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Romanesque doorway Kilmalkedar Church West wall of Nave Kilmalkedar Church Chancel Arch Kilmalkedar Church Alphabet Stone  Kilmalkedar Church
Chancel Arch Kilmalkedar Church View of Nave Kilmalkedar Church Sundial Kilmalkedar Church Ogham Stone Kilmalkedar Church
 Cross Kilmalkedar Church  Cross Kilmalkedar Church

Site Location

  • SMR Number: KE042-026005-
  • Class:
  • National Grid Reference (E,N): 40252, 106198
  • Townland(s): KILMALKEDAR
  • (

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