The Medieval period in Ireland

The arrival of the Anglo-Normans in Ireland in 1169 marks the start of the Late Medieval period. By the winter of 1171-2 the areas around Dublin were brought under Norman control. With the arrival of the Normans began an era of castle building and the development of towns in Ireland. With the Normans came many of the continental monastic orders such as the Cistercians, the Augustinians and Dominicans who established houses around the country. The remains of many of these castles and abbeys have survived in the modern landscape. The arrival of the normans also saw the introduction of new land holding and farming practices. Recent research based on excavations carried out by the NRA is showing that outside known manorial centres was a settled managed landscape with the homes of peasant farmers largely undefended. Finds also suggest evidence of a relatively wealthy peasant society.

The Reformation and the start of the plantations in the 16th century is seen as marking the transition to the Post Medieval period.

Medieval Sites Visited

Adare Castle Adare Castle - Co Limerick.

Portrane Tower House Portrane Castle - Co Dublin.

Portrane Tower House Lanestown Castle - Co Dublin.

Portrane Tower House Grace Dieu Nunnery - Co Dublin.

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