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The main focus of this site is to give an overview of the main archaeological periods in Ireland up to the late medieval, through some of the many archaeological sites I have visited over the years. The site will feature photographs a brief description of the site. It will therefore reflect a bias towards certain areas where we tend to go on the family holidays. Where possible I hope to also provide references for further reading. Hopefully this site will complement several of the more established themed web sites featuring archaeological sites such as 'Megalithic Ireland' and 'Saints and Stones'. The links page presents a range of web sites with archaeological content I have found of interest.

It is planned that over time the site will evolve. I would also hope to also feature my research interest on the Archaeology of the Donabate Portrane peninsula in North County Dublin.

Hover over photos for photo labels. You are welcome to use copies of the photographs displayed for non commercial purposes though please cite appropriately. Any comments etc can be sent to mickmongey@eircom.net with subject: "Archaeology". Happy exploring!

Drumclay Crannog Open Day

Drumlay Crannog Drumlay Crannog

This article describes the Drumclay Crannog excavation as observed on the two public open days held in 2013 and a post excavation follow up conference held September 2014 in Enniskillen "Drumclay Crannog - The life and Times of a Fermanagh Lake-Dwelling".

The Archaeology of the Donabate Portrane Peninsula


The purpose of this site is to give an overview of the archaeology of the Donabate Portrane peninsula in North County Dublin. The base content for the site draws on my research for a dissertation completed in 2010.

Resurrecting Monuments Community Archaeology Project

Resurrecting Monuments

A new community based archaeology research project initialy researching four known sites in South Fingal.

  • The Burrowfield Mound known as the Knock of Howth(DU015-019)
  • Tower Hill site of the Hurdygurdy Radio Museum is a possible Norman Motte (DU016-002001)
  • Dungriffen (The Bailey) Promontory Fort (DU0-016003)
  • An enclosure at St. Doulaghs church which has been identified by geophysical survey (DU015-009009)


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