Places in Mount Argus associated with
Saint Charles.

First on the list is the room or monastic cell in which he lived. It is situated on the top floor of the building.
Inside, today, stands an altar – the one on which Saint Charles said his last Mass in December 1892.
From this room Saint Charles climbed up and down the 58 stone steps that link the top of the house with the ground floor.
Daily he sat in his corner in the refectory. At that time the tables were around the walls. In the refectory he is reputed to have had a vision of the Blessed Virgin. His eyes fixed on the vision he seemed to float up from his seat at the table. ‘Sit down’, called Fr. Rector, ‘you are disturbing the community’.
In death, Saint Charles remains lay among the other priests and brothers in the Passionist Cemetery beside the Church.
Then recognizing his sanctity his remains were moved inside the Church to the site of the present shrine. This shrine was built in 1988 at the time he was declared Blessed.