There are a number of 'artefacts' or 'relics' associated with Saint Charles in Mount Argus. here is a list of some of these items. Click on the item to get a description and picture.

The Rosary Beads of Saint Charles

Brought to Ireland by Saint Charles, he gave the Beads to a Mary Ann Lacey of Lacey's Hotel, Bray ..... read on

The 'Little Crucifix' of Saint Charles.

One of the crucifixes Saint Charles carried in his hand each day .... read on

Foundation Chalice of Mount Argus -
Used at the first mass in Mt. Argus and also used by Saint Charles .. read on

Passionist Sign & Lock of St. Charles' hair - from his lying in state .. read on

Personal Possession of St. Charles
The biretta, snuff boxes, and book of Saint Charles ... read on

1937 Exhumation of Remains of Saint Charles - the coffin in which he was buried in 1893, with the habit and socks .... read on

1988 Exhumation of Remains of Saint Charles
shows the Crucifix and the Passionists Sign worn in the coffin by Saint Charles.
..... read on.

Reliquary Religuary with relic of Saint Charles that was used in Mount Argus for years to bless those who came to Mount Argus Church and Monastery. ..... read on