St Charles


Prayer for the Intercession of Saint Charles

Heavenly Father, you filled Saint Charles with your Holy Spirit. In love with Christ Crucified he spent his life in prayer at the foot of the Cross. From the Cross he went forth to bring Good News to the poor, healing to the sick and dying, forgiveness to the sinner.

Look now on your people who cry to you. Through the intercession of Saint Charles give us the graces we need.

Heal our aches and pains, our hurts and wounds, our anxieties and bad memories. Free us from depressions, habits of sin, and all evil. Strengthen our faith, deepen our hope, and increase our love.

We make our prayer through Christ our Lord.
Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory be to the Father.


Our Lady

Prayer said by Saint Charles to Our Lady, Mother of Holy Hope.

Most Holy Virgin Mary Oh, my Mother! How sweet it is to come to thy feet, imploring thy perpetual help! If earthly mothers cease not to remember their children, how canst thou, the most loving of all mothers, forget me?

Grant then, to me, I implore thee, thy perpetual help in all my necessities, in every sorrow, and especially in all my temptations.

As we are all thy children, I ask for thy unceasing help for all who are now suffering. Help the weak, cure the sick, convert sinners, and console all earthly mothers who are now weeping over their children. Open the gates of heaven to those we loved upon earth and who are now suffering in purgatory.

Obtain for us, dear Mother, that having earnestly invoked thee on earth, we may see thee, love thee, and eternally thank thee hereafter in heaven. Amen.

Mother of Holy Hope, pray for us.




St. Charles and the 'miracle prayer'

Saint Charles gave this prayer to a young girl, Pauline,  advising her to say it everyday  saying that he desired  that she become a great saint.  The family called it  the ‘miracle prayer'

O Mary, my Mother, 
And my surest hope 
Pray for me 
And never permit me 
To offend your Divine Son.  

Give me strength, O Lord, 
To do Thy Holy Will.

O Sweet Heart of my Jesus 
Inflame my poor heart 
With thy Holy Love. 



Novena to the Trinity - St. Charles

Novena to the Trinity 
To obtain a particular grace 
Through the intercession of Saint Charles

Eternal Father, you are pleased with those who embrace your Holy Will. Through the intercession of your faithful follower Saint Charles grant us the graces we need especially the particular intention….. Give us the grace to accept your Holy Will.

Jesus, Son of God, Saint Charles loved you as Our Suffering Saviour. Through his intercession grant us the forgiveness of our sins, healing in mind and body and the particular intention … Open us to your healing power that flows from the Cross.

Holy Spirit, you poured life and love into your faithful servant Saint Charles . Through his intercession fill our hearts with Divine Love and grant our particular intention ….. Keep us faithful to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.




Prayer of St. Charles to Mary, Queen of Heaven

“O My Great Angel Guardian, and my patron saint, and all ye holy angels and saints, unite your prayers to mine, and together let us beseech our Glorious and Heavenly Queen to obtain for me all the most efficacious graces that I may never commit any wilful sin. And that she may receive me as her child, guide my steps through this sinful world; assist me at the hour of my death, obtain for me a very happy one with a favourable Judgment and conduct my soul to the Throne of God there to enjoy the glory of The Most Adorable Trinity. 
Amen. So be it.”




Prayer for Vocations to the Passionist Way of Life

Lord, give us a Love 
willing to give ourselves in service. 
That Love you showed on the Cross. 
Pour out your Spirit on those 
searching for their Vocation in life. 
Keep before their eyes the 
Love of the Crucified One for each of us. Inspire all to spread that Love in our world.

Guide young men to dedicate themselves 
To the Crucified Jesus in the 
Passionist Congregation. 
Renew the Passionists in our age 
With Men of Courage, Vision and Sacrifice.

Saint Charles present our petition to the Heavenly Father.

Saint Charles , pray for us.