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30th December 2002

  • Updated several biographies but no major changes made.

28th December 2002

  • Chapters 9 & 10 added to 'Times Change and We With Time in fanfiction section.

4th November 2001

  • Several fics added to fanfiction section by the talented Jeanne M.

29th October 2001

  • Link to War Child placed on main page. Please be generous.

  • Updates will be few and far between from now on as the school term has started again. As I am in school essentially 6 days of every week it is virtually impossible for me to do any real work on the site. This also applies to my fics. I wouldn't be surprised if it's July by the time I am free to able to accomplish any serious work. Sorry but school comes first. If anyone wishes to help in any shape or form just e-mail me.

6th September 2001

1st September 2001

19th August 2001

  • News item added - More on Banshee's X-Corps. Plus - the GenXer's next appearance.

18th August 2001

  • New fanfic - Ashes.

  • New link - Shadowcat's Site.

17th August 2001

5th August 2001

  • New link added - The Medicine Wheel. This is the personal website of Minisinoo who writes some of the best X-Men movie fanfic available.

  • Webrings page updated.

3rd August 2001

2nd August 2001

  • New poll.

  • July site of the month chosen.

  • I am again requesting for help with both reviews and bios. I need reviews of issues 35 to 55 inclusive as well as bios of the St. Croix twins, Bianca LaNeige, Gaia and Blink. Images of the aforementioned characters would also be appreciated. If you think you can help in anyway possible, please e-mail me.

The results of the 5th Annual Exy Awards are now up, and although Proudstar Hall did not win in its category I would like to thank those who voted for this site. Your support is much appreciated. I would also like to congratulate Generation Next who won in the category of 'Best Generation X Site'.

25th July 2001

  • News item added - October previews and info on Banshee's next appearance as well as Morrison's new take on Emma Frost.

20th July 2001

  • The chat room is now open. Proudstar Hall is a member of 'X-Team Chat', an online chat community that was created by the webmistresses/webmasters of several X-related websites as a place where fans can discuss the X-Men comics among other things. Be sure to visit the 'X-Team' chat website for more information and join the chat.

15th July 2001

  • Proudstar Hall has been nominated for the Exy Awards under the Generation X cateogry. Many thanks to those who nominated the site.

  • Link added - Cerebro Files: X-Force

  • Relationships page updated.

More updates coming soon. Promise.

3rd July 2001

  • Won another award. Many thanks to the Nu-Horizon Design Studio.

2nd July 2001

  • Proudstar Hall has won an award from the Madelyn Pryor: Queen of the Goblins website. Many thanks to the webmaster. Click here to go to the awards page.

  • New button.

  • Creative Teams page updated.

1st July 2001

  • Proudstar Hall has been nominated in four categories in the 2nd annual Top 25 X-Men Site Awards. It has been nominated for 'Best Affiliation Site', 'Best related to the Comics' (which this site won last year), 'Site with Best Design' and 'Best Top 25 X-Site'. To vote in the awards either click on the image on the main page or click here.

29th June 2001

The 5th Annual Exy awards have begun and X-Fan are now accepting nominations. Feel free to nominate Proudstar Hall in the Generation X category (*hint *hint). Click here to go to the voting form page.

27th June 2001

Brand new site design and also a few little updates.

29th May 2001

No actual update but instead a message in regards to the future of this website. Generation X #75 went on sale last Wednesday and the fates of the GenXer's are now known. I have decided that I will try and follow all the GenXer's where ever they may next appear. For Chamber and the White Queen this means the X-Men, I will also keep up to date with Blink in her new series Exiles. Since Proudstar Hall is shifting focus I have decided to redesign the site. This means no more updates for awhile unfortunately. Hopefully I will have it finished soon.
If you have a fanfic featuring any Generation X related character, now is the time to submit it.
I would also like to take the opportunity to thank those who voted in the poll as well as those who sent me encouraging e-mails. I really appreciate it, thank you.


13th May 2001

  • Fanfic - Times Change and we with Time (chapter eight added.)

11th May 2001

7th May 2001

  • New poll - What should happen to this site post GenX #75? I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to vote in this particular poll. Thanks.

  • News item added - Results of previous poll.

6th May 2001

4th May 2001

1st May 2001

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6th February 2001

  • News item added.

  • Generation X #12 Review added.
    If anyone would like to help write some of the Generation X reviews I would much appreciate it. I do not have Generation X issues #32 - #55 inclusive. Could those interested please
    e-mail me for more details or leave a message in the guestbook.
    Thank you.

3rd February 2001

2nd February 2001

27th January 2001

26th January 2001

24th January 2001

  • Added news item related to 'Blink and the Exiles'.

  • Returned counter to main page, but now it's gone back to 1. Simply add 670 for true number.

19th January 2001

  • News updated.

13th January 2001

  • Added guestbook.

  • Added small news item.

11th January 2001

  • Awarded X-Men Extreme the Proudstar Hall Site Excellence Award.

10th January 2001

9th January 2001

8th January 2001

6th January 2001

  • Received award for Site Best Related to the Comics, in the Top 25 X-Men Site Awards! Many thanks to those who voted for me. Go to my awards page to view the award.

5th January 2001

  • Received the Junior Golden Web Award. Click here to go to my awards page.

  • Added item to news section.

  • Added item to news section.

  • Hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and the very best wishes for the New Year.

29th December 2000

  • Won another award! Many thanks to X-Me. Click here to go to my awards page.

27th December 2000

24th December 2000

  • Added link to The Letter J. This is my sister's site, so please visit it.

22nd December 2000

  • Generation X #72 & X-Men: Blink #1 Previews. See News section for details.

  • Three new images added Relationships section.

21st December 2000

20th December 2000

19th December 2000

18th December 2000

  • Added link to X-Me.

16th December 2000

14th December 2000

  • Information on 'Fave 7 X-Men' survey added to News section.

13th December 2000

  • Generation X #75, Blink #4 previews added to news.

9th December 2000

6th December 2000

  • Fixed picture (Black Tom).

  • Returned Jubilee chibi to main page.

3rd December 2000

2nd December 2000

  • Information on Save GenX campaign added to News section.

1st December 2000

30th November 2000

27th November 2000