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Generation X #75

Story: Brian Wood

Pencils: Ron Lim

Inks: Sandu Florea & Randy Elliot

Colours: VLM

Cover: Steve Pugh

Lettering: Richard Starking & Comicraft

Assistant Editor: Frank Dunkersley

Editor: Matt Hitch

Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

President: Bill Jemas

Rating: ***

Summary: Sean drowns his sorrow over Moira's death in the bottom of a bottle, Emma grows more detached and less restrained with her powers while the GenXer's disillusionment with the life they lead increases. The situation comes to a head when Jonothan is offered a place with the X-Men and the other teens come to the realisation that the Academy is no longer their home. Sean supports them in their decision but they leave without bidding Emma farewell. M returns home to Monaco, Paige goes to join a group of conservationists, Jono heads for Westchester (home of the X-Men) while Angelo joins Jubilee on a road trip back to their hometown of L.A. Soon after the students' departure Emma is summoned by Xavier.

Story wise this story is not impressive. However this is understandable once you take into consideration that Wood had to wait and see which characters were wanted by the new writers of the core X-books, which ones were to be cast off into limbo, come up with an explanation why the characters would leave and do it all in the space of a single issue. No easy feat.

The three stars are warranted mainly because of good characterisation of the teens, nice art with equally good colouring and some great dialogue. Jubilee is often portrayed as nothing more than a whiny brat with a vocabulary limited to like and y'know but here she comes across as a smart, likeable teenager with an exuberant take on life and an unique brand of common-sense.

I will miss Generation X and its eclectic cast of characters but will settle for the White Queen's appearances in New X-Men and Chamber's appearances in Uncanny X-Men. Mostly I'm disappointed that Brian Wood and Steve Pugh didn't have more time to tell other stories with these characters. The up-in-the-air project that is NYX would have been a good opportunity to see Wood work on other established X-Men characters, including Jubilee, but I'll just have to wait for his upcoming graphic novel Couscous Express to read more from him.

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