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The Kelly Clan

The Kelly Clan The Kelly clan were a very powerful family descended from Niall of the Nine Hostages. They controlled large tracts of East Galway, and left a large number of castles from Ballinasloe to Tuam.

Cahervoley Cahervoley

Cahervoley bawn, with protective round towers at opposing corners, is all that's left of a fortified mansion of the 15th century near Tuam.

Carnaun Carnaun Castle

Carnaun Castle was a 13th Norman outpost close to Bermingham Court at Athenry.

Carrowbrowne Carrowbrowne

Carrowbrowne was an early 14th century hall-house on the northern outskirts of the town of Galway.

Carrowmorrisey Carrowmorrisey

Carrowmorrisey is a very ruined 13th century castle, close to Athenry.

Castlebrowne Castlebrowne

Castlebrowne was built by the Browne family in the 14th century, and later passed to the Lamberts.

Clareaughrim Clareaughrim

Clareaughrim was a 15th century tower house on the Clare border.

Cloondooan Cloondooan

Cloondooan was an O'Shaughnessy tower house on the Clare border. Its structure & layout is very visible.

Cummer Cummer

Cummer park was an early Norman castle close to Tuam, demolished by Cromwell's forces in the 1650's.

Dartfield Dartfield

Dartfield, a 15th century Burke tower house close to Loughrea, is now reduced to rubble.

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