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The Colgan Family

The Colgan Family The Colgan or McColgan family were a Gaelic clan from the Offaly  & Tipperary areas bordering the Shannon, which allowed them a foothold into County Galway.  They built numerous castles, including that on the Galway side of Banagher bridge.

Attyslaney Castle Attyslaney Castle

Attyslaney castle, near the Clare border, was a 13th century keep, now reduced to some mortared lumps of rubble.

Claddagh Castle Claddagh Castle

Claddagh Castle, outside Dunmore, was once a fine tower house of the 15th century, now reduced to rubble.

Ballydavid Castle Ballydavid Castle

Ballydavid Castle was a small tower house serving as a guard-house to nearby Bermingham court at Athenry.

Derryowen Castle Derryowen Castle

Derryowen Castle was the 15th century tower house of Owen O'Heynes at the Clear border.

Doon Castle Doon Castle

Doon Castle outside Clifden, was the western outpost of the O'Flaherty clan.

Dunkellin Dunkellin

Dunkellin was an old 12th century Norman stronghold, upon which Clanricard built a later keep. Only the four corners now stand.

Eyrecourt Castle Eyrecourt Castle

Eyrecourt Castle was originally a 15th century castle of the O'Maddens, later purchased & extended by the Eyre family.

Feartamore Castle Feartamore Castle

Feartamore Castle was an extensive 14th century Burke castle, north of Tuam.

Flaherty's castle Flaherty's castle

Flaherty's castle on Ballinahinch Lake was an early tower house, erected by the O'Flaherty clan in a well protected location.

Isercleron Isercleron

Isercleron is the ancestral home of the Burke family, in their hands since the 14th century, to this day.

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