Updated: 10/05/2006

KillerApp: Sci-Fi/thriller

"Well iron out the bugs. You don't understand the scale of
what you stumbled on here. The benefits far outweigh the
problems. These people are test subjects, lab rats. We are
pioneering ways to control the masses here. This is not just a
killer app, it is THE KILLER APP. This is the age of technology, it
can be friend or your foe."

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(1) A computer entertainment system which creates worlds that are so realistic, you could die playing.

(2) The perfect home gaming system becomes a deadly weapon when a serial killer gets a chance to play.

Synopsis: The perfect home entertainment system is launched, allowing people to realistically live their dreams and fantasies, without the limitations of two dimensional screens. When an Internet journalist is assigned to write a story on the social impact of the device, she stumbles onto a different story of corporate corruption and murder.

Is a system fault the cause of the deaths, or something more sinister lurking within?

Notes: The system used here is something I have believed for years, will someday become a reality. A video games/entertainment system that can project games/scenarios into the human mind. So you can experience (touch, taste, feel etc) as if in a waking dream. Not simple 3d virtual reality - but the human mind as a canvas. - Break beyond the limitations of screens and computer rendered graphics.

The story is concerned with controls on the system. We fear our children using today's chat rooms and mobile phones. How could we protect is people could get into their minds. Especially the wrong kinds of people. I chose a serial killer who is on death row, to basically show how we can physically restrain and whatever protections we have (safety of our own home) - what if people/users could misuse. Grace is our moral conscience for our obsession of technology.

Trivia: The name used for the serial killer: "Tommy Timer", was a nick name for my late father.

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