St. Kilian

St. Kilianís N.S.

St. Kilian


St. Kilian


St Kilian Of Mullagh and Wurzburg

St Kilian was born in Mullagh about two hundred years after St. Patrick came to Ireland.He became a monk and the Pope sent him and other companions to Wurzberg, Germany to spread the word of God.


In Wurzberg Duke Gosbert became a Christian.Kilian and his companions explained that it was against God that he was married to his brotherís widow, Geilana.


Geilana became furious.She was afraid that she would not be queen any longer.She hired killers and had Kilian, Colonat and Totnan killed in the church.

In Mullagh our school, our church, our heritage centre and a holy well are all called after him.We have two statues of St. Kilian, one inside the church and one outside.This statue shows Kilian carrying his staff and his gospels.

Every year visitors from Germany come to Mullagh to see the birthplace of St. Kilian.


Stained glass window of St. Kilian



Written by First Class and Second Class.

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