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St. Kilian

Music in Our School

We play recorder in our school.We have four types of recorder: the descant, the treble, the tenor and the bass.The descant is the smallest and has a high-pitched sound.The treble is longer and heavier than the descant.It has a lower sound.The tenor is one step up from the treble.It makes a deep melodious sound.The bass is the biggest and has a hollow sound.








  In the year 2000 we made a C.D. called A Christmas in Mullagh with the Mullagh Choir.We went to a studio to make the C.D.It featured well known carols such as Good King Wenceslas, Little Donkey, Hark the Herald Angels Sing and a lot more traditional Christmas carols.It was a great experience for us all and we had a lot of fun.  
  Our recorder group has appeared on television and radio.Every year in December we have a Christmas concert in the church.Children from first to sixth class play at it and we always have great fun.  
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