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St. Kilian

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Mullagh is a village situated on the Cavan Meath border.The patron saint of Mullagh is St. Kilian.


The village gets its name from the Irish word mullach which means hill.Mullagh Hill overlooks the village.On top of the hill is a cross which was erected to commemorate the Holy Year in 1950.


You can see the lake from the top of the hill.The lake has two islands, Crow Island and Sally Island.Across the lake is Lakeview Gardens.They are owned by a nephew of Ernest Shackleton.


In September the Fair Day is held in our village.On this day we re-enact the fair days from long ago.The fairs were held on the first Friday of every month.They were held on the village green.

We have a football club called Cuchulainns.The team is joined with Cross, our neighbouring village.

Mullagh is an expanding village and we all like living here.

St. Kilian
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