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The Warrington Project was launched by Her Excellency President Mary Robinson and His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales on 9th-10th October 1993. It was inspired by the determination of the community to bring good out of evil and to respond constructively to the death of two of Warrington's young people, Johnathan Ball and Tim Perry, as a result of the I.R.A. bombing in March 1993.

The Warrington Project aims to promote mutual understanding between the peoples of Ireland and Britain at community level and to influence grass roots opinion by breaking traditional prejudice, misunderstanding and stereotypes.

As part of the project our school is linked with two schools from Northern Ireland, Clough Primary and St. Macartan's Primary from Co. Down and St. James C.E. Primary from Warrington in England.

Our school hosted a reception for these schools in December 2000. The activities that we did together included ice breakers, visiting Mullagh Heritge Centre, going to a film named The Grinch, swimming, visiting Newgrange, shopping in Blanchardstown and going to Dubvlinia in Dublin.

On 11th June we travelled to Warrington and stayed there for three days. We stayed in the Peace Centre with the pupils from the other three schools. Together we visited St James' s School, The Beetles Museum, The Titanic Exhibition and we went on a boat trip on the River Mersey. The trip to Warrington was very enjoyable.

We benefited a lot from our contact with pupils from other schools. We made a lot of new friends and we learned that religious differences aren't important.

By Ursula, Lisa, Daniel, Killian, Christopher, Mark, Ronan, Enda and Laurence.

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