A Taste of West Waterford

Ireland:Lismore Electoral Area-Council Election Results 2009 (FF drop a seat)

PartyFirst Pref%VotesSeats Won

NamePartySittingFirst Prefs%VotesElected
Curran LiamFG876 15.1%
Doocey DeclanFGSitting82214.1%Elected
Flynn NoraFGSitting93316.1%Elected
Leddy BernardFF67911.7%
Pratt JohnLabour 83614.4%Elected
Tobin JamesFFSitting102317.6%Elected
Wilkinson KFFSitting64411.1%

Here FF suffered an embarrassing reverse. It entered the election with 2 seats. Its strategy of adding Bernard Leddy to the ticket backfired and cost Kevin Wilkinson his seat. Both candidates were operating out of the town of Lismore. Outgoing councillor Kevin Wilkinson was eliminated. His transfers scattered and failed to bring in Bernard Leddy. This allowed Labour candidate John Pratt (Tallow) to snatch the seat. FF with 40.4% of first preferences could only manage one seat whilst Labour with 14.4% also won a seat. James Tobin FF topped the poll.

Newcomer for FG Liam Curran polled strongly, however he was overtaken by hardworking councillor Declan Doocey (FG) who has been particularly effective since his election in 2004. Cllr Nora Flynn-from Cappoquin- as usual garnered a huge vote testimony to her effectiveness as a great councillor.FG will be particularly satisfied with its huge vote-(45.3%). This is up from 38% in the 2004 Local Elections. Indeed the party came close to snatching a third seat.

Ireland:Dungarvan Electoral Area-Council Election Results 2009 (Labour drops a seat)

Party1st Pref% VotesSeats Won
Fine Gael3,70543.7%3
Fianna Fail1,38416.3%1
Sinn Fein97811.5%1

NamePartySitting1st Pref% VotesElected
BREATHNACH, JimmyFG 4455.2%
CRONIN, TomFFSitting87410.3%Elected
GEOGHEGAN, DamienFG Sitting 130015.3%Elected
HIGGINS, TomFG Sitting 7468.8%Elected
KYNE, BillyLabour Sitting 95911.3%Elected
MANSFIELD, BrendanSinn Fein Sitting 97811.5%Elected
NUGENT, PatFG Sitting 121414.3%Elected
O'DONNELL, SeamusInd 7208.5%
WILKINSON, OllieFF 5106.0%
WRIGHT, TeresaLabour Sitting 7408.7%

In this electoral area the number of seats was reduced from 7 to six. One of the outgoing councillors faced the chop. Labour's Teresa Wright lost her seat. Many expected that FGs Pat Nugent would lose out. However he turned in a stunning performance and secured 1214 first preferences. This election has been a great success for FG with the party securing 3,705 (43.7%) first preferences. In addition Damien Geoghegan (FG) topped the poll with 1300 first preferences.

FFs failure to run a candidate from Dungarvan town backfired whilst the strategy of introducing Ollie Wilkinson (resident in Lismore Electoral area) failed to yield an extra seat. Seamus O'Donnell was not nominated by FF and ran as an independent. However he failed to secure election.