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03 August, 2000

Note: This site will be relaunched later this month as whiskeymaster.com

Pull up a glass...

And welcome to the only site on the World Wide Web that tells it like it is.
Irish whiskey is one of the World's great secrets and I am here to be honest and to spread the gospel.
There will be no bullshit, no plugs and no second hand opinions... This site is here to cut through the marketing crap and give you honest advice, good information and up to the minute news and whiskey reviews.
I don't work in the drinks industry and every bottle I review has been bought with my own hard earned cash. So when I recommend something, you know that I have good reason.
This fluttering tricolour is my stamp of quality. It says that the whiskey in question is something special. Likewise if I slate a product it is only to save you the pain of buying it.
Altough my facts are correct, my opinions are just that. So feel free to disagree... Just reach beyond that dusty bottle of Jameson and open your mind.

Note: Most of the whiskies mentioned in these pages can be bought and shipped to you. E-mail for details.

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To get you started, some Background & History.

New! Your FAQ's.

All Irish Single Malts reviewed here.

All Irish Pot-still Whiskies reviewed here.

Updated! All branded Blends reviewed here.

New! In depth - Whiskey of the Month.

Books on Irish Whiskey reviewed.

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New! News - Record profits for Cooley Whiskey.

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I can't believe the amount of people, from all over the world who are logging on to this site. The response has convinced me that I should go .com and that the entire site should be upgraded. This will all happen later in August, in the mean time please take this chance to share your views, or just say hello!

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