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E-mail from European Union

Difficulties had arisen in connection with information sent to the European Union regarding local heritage and environmental problems - in that it was far from clear whether or not the European Union Environment Commissioner (Ms Margot Wallström) was aware of them or not. (Some of the local difficulties in question can be seen at the following two Internet pages: Nov 26 2001 e-mail to EU ; and,  Saturnalia ).

The electronic copy of the e-mail below dated February 11th 2002 from the EU appears to go a long way towards clarifying the overall situation, and it is very much appreciated.

For those who may be interested to know more about the tortuous, time consuming, and sometimes very frightening difficulties involved in trying to find out when (and if) the information in question was received by the EU, please click here.

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Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 10:39 AM

Subject: Your letter to Margot Wallström

Please find attach a response to your letter to Margot Wallström. Since you have only your e-mail address, you receive this answer electronically.

Best regards,

Catherine Fenech
Assistant to Henning Arp
Member of Margot Wallström's Cabinet
European Commission200, rue de la Loi
B - 1049 Brussels
Tel. +
Fax. +

Attachment text:


Brussels, 08 February 2002
MSH/CB/cf A(02)13604 D(02)

Mr William Finnerty

Dear Mr. Finnerty

I have read your letter with great interest regarding your concern about preserving the old Celtic places in the eastern region of Galway as well as the alleged raw sewage discharges in the river in New Inn village. I understand your anxiety for the environment in which we are living, especially since it is taking place so close to your home.

As your concerns are of both general and individual character aiming at the environmental protection, submitting a Petition is the appropriate action. It is for the European Parliament to declare your petition admissible and the European Commission will provide information in the matter. As you are probably aware of both the European Parliament and the European Commission receives a large number of petitions/complaints regarding various topics from European citizens. An answer to your petition will be given in due course.

Best regards,


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European Union
Environment Commissioner
Margot Wallström's
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