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Website design is a subtle balance between graphic design and technical know how.
If a site is top heavy with graphics, it might look gorgeous to you but it will take what feels like an eternity to download. Meanwhile, your potential clients have logged off and gone to the shops, or worse still, gone to the sites of your nearest competitors!
An effective website should have the following attributes.
(Without anyone of these you run the risk of losing viewers through boredom or frustration)

It should:
  • Be pleasing to the eye
  • Interest and hold people's attention
  • Be easy to navigate without getting lost
  • Be readable on any size monitor, set at any resolution with only a minimal amount of scrolling
  • Have a fast download time
  • Look equally good in Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer
  • Give the correct colors on Pc or Mac
  • Give the viewer a feel for your organisation
  • A website designed by
    Alternative Times is all this and much, much more.
    Remember, you will be projecting your organisation's image to an estimated 13 million people.
    Here is your chance to shine.

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