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Welcome to the Rahasane Turlough Website, designed by Colm McGuinness of Carrabane National School, Athenry, Co. Galway. The school is located about 10km from Rahasane.   Join us as we explore the ‘disappearing lake’ – this fascinating, mysterious and constantly changing habitat.  We study the structure of the turlough, its flora and fauna as well as the many species of birds, which populate it through the season.

Turloughs are lakes, which disappear for part of the year, leaving a floor covered with grasses sedges and herbs.  They are found in limestone areas and are quite common in the west of Ireland.

Rahasane Turlough is situated 2km west of the village of Craughwell, Co. Galway. It has the distinction of being the largest turlough in Ireland.  It covers 250 hectares – that’s about 500 football pitches.



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