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Autumn 2001 Courses

The Following courses are being offered by the Adult Religious Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly Education Directorate this autumn. Details will be published in due course. Check with your parish for availability in your area.

Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly

Course Title: Exploring Christian Faith: An Introduction to Theological Thinking in Everyday Life

Presenter: Rev. John Littleton

This six-weeks course will provide participants with an introduction to theological reflection in everyday life by exploring and discussing many of the following questions: What is theology and how do we think theologically?

  • Is it sufficient to believe in God without thinking?
  • Is everything written in the Bible true?
  • Are we dependent on Christ for salvation or can we save ourselves?
  • What is the relationship between Christ and the Church?
  • If God is good, why do innocent people suffer?
  • Is there life after death and what happens when we die?
  • How do we decide what is right and what is wrong?
  • Does sin still exist?
  • Can we disagree with the Church's teaching and remain faithful members?
  • Why is prayer necessary and important in everyday life?
  • Are the sacraments still relevant to our lives?
  • Is Christianity the only valid religion?

Rev. John Littleton is the curate in Doon parish, County Limerick.

Course Title: The Gospels: Faith Portraits of Jesus

Presenter: Sr de Lourdes Sheridan

This four-weeks course will deal with the following questions: What is the Gospel?

  • What are some of the things we should know if we want to read the Gospels intelligently?
  • What do we know about the first century world in which Jesus lived and in which the Gospels were written?
  • How did the basic Gospel tradition come into being?

Sr de Lourdes Sheridan teaches scripture at Saint Patrick's College, Thurles.

Course Title: The Violent God of the Old Testament: Can We Make Sense of A Scandal?

Presenter: Rev. Thomas Dunne

This four-weeks course will introduce participants to popular images of God, before examining the many-sided relationship between God and violence in the Old Testament. Participants will then explore together the various ways in which people attempt to resolve the problem, and will discuss appropriate images for our Christian God.

Rev. Thomas Dunne teaches scripture at Saint Patrick's College, Thurles.

Course Title: Prayer and Sacraments

Presenter: Rev. Joseph Tynan

This six-weeks course will explore the link between prayer and liturgy as a response to the mystery of God. It will provide an understanding of the importance of prayer in the lives of individuals and in religious tradition. It will show how ritual and worship have always been part of the human response to the life and to the mystery of God.

Rev. Joseph Tynan is the curate in Galbally-Lisvernane parish, County Tipperary. He also teaches theology at Saint Patrick's College, Thurles.

Course Title: A Discerning Heart: the Meaning of Spiritual Conversation

Presenter: Rev. Colin Bergin

This four-weeks course will introduce participants to the opportunities and possibilities of spiritual discernment in their lives. They will explore both formal and informal conversation where believers converse about ordinary experiences, paying particular attention to the religious or 'depth' dimension of experience. Participants will be encouraged to develop their relationship with God and to live out the consequences of that relationship.


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