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People of the Archdiocese

With Details of Religious and Secular Clergy

The people of the Archdiocese of Cashel and Emly contribute to the life of the Church in their prayer and daily witness. Many agencies and activities testify to their contribution to the life of the country and the world. As with every part of Ireland, hundrends of missionaries left this area to take Christ's message all over the globe. People from Cashel and Emly continue Gospel work throughout the world.

Locally, particular pride is taken in social contributions of the Gaelic Athletic Association and of Muintir na Tire, both of which originated in the diocese and which have contributed hugely to Irish life.

Priests of the Archdiocese work in its parishes, College and outside the diocese in Ireland, England, Australia, USA and Belize.

Congregations of brothers, sisters and priests contribute to the life of the diocese in their work in education, health-care and social services. 

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